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Body sculpting treatment is a way of reshaping your body to give you a more flattering figure, without you having to manipulate your diet or exercise patterns. If you live near Birmingham and there are aspects of your body that you feel are unsightly, we can change them so that you feel happier when you look in the mirror. Ultimately, you’ll have more confidence in your body.

Lipo surgery

Perhaps you feel that your tummy is too big, or you have excess fat in your arms or legs that you’d like removed? Demetrius offers liposuction procedures to remove unwanted fat. Excess skin is a side effect of having fat removed. This will be trimmed and tucked in the case of the abdomen.

Liposuction and a tummy tuck is an effective and permanent solution to excess tummy fat. Whether you’d love to get rid of your post-pregnancy wobble, or you’ve put on weight around your abdomen that you simply can’t shift, we can help.

Body lifts

Should you have sagging skin due to an age-related loss of skin elasticity that you’d like elevated, Demetrius can perform a lift on your breasts, your face, even your whole body. The effects of gravity on us over time cause numerous body parts to look far less youthful than they once did. A lifting procedure can restore breasts, faces and in fact, your entire figure, back to their former positions and in doing so, turn back the clock on your appearance by several years.

Body sculpting via fat transfer

There may be some areas of your body that you’d like to be larger; such your breasts or your buttocks. In that case Demetrius can perform a non-invasive form of body sculpting known as fat transfer. This involves harvesting fat from the parts of your body, where is abundant, purifying it ready for use and then reinjecting it where you’d like it.  This is a safe and efficient method of subtly and permanently plumping up skin that need augmenting, or has lost volume over the years.

The best way to find out about our comprehensive range of body sculpting treatments, including non-surgical ones such as fat transfer and dermal fillers, is to speak to Demetrius directly. He is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon with an abundance of knowledge on every possible body sculpting procedure.

A free consultation with him, here in Birmingham, will answer all your questions about how safe surgery is, the steps taken to reduce surgical risks, the steps of each procedure, as well as the best way forward for you as an individual. You will be better able to make an informed decision about the treatment you want, as well as have a great understanding of how you can realistically hope to look following surgery. Curious to know more? Please give us a call.