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If you’re considering reconstructive surgery then one of the most important decisions you can make is which cosmetic surgeon you use. Demetrius Evriviades; a highly skilled plastic surgeon who operates from hospitals in Birmingham, fully appreciates and welcomes your questions about whether or not he is the right surgeon for you.

He understands that you will be placing the way you look, your future body confidence and consequently, your emotional well-being in the hands of another. You certainly don’t want to be unhappy with the results, as once the swelling has gone down and your new body or face shape is revealed to you, you won’t want to feel self-conscious about it. To eliminate risk from your operation it’s essential that you question the qualifications, experience and manner of your cosmetic surgeon, with a view to choosing the best possible person for the job.

Your health is your priority. It’s not enough to simply choose a surgeon who is qualified. What if you were to choose a surgeon whose training had focused largely on areas of cosmetic surgery that are irrelevant to you? Yes, he or she may be very skilled at liposuction, but your surgery may involve reconstructing your face.

Just because a surgeon is qualified to perform surgery, it doesn’t mean his or her expertise lie in treatments that interest you. You need somebody who is extensively trained in the treatment you want and additionally has had plenty of experience in carrying out similar procedures safely and effectively.

The Qualifications and Experience of Demetrius Evirviades

Demetrius is very honest and open about his skills, training and experience with both his patients and the doctors he trains in cosmetic procedures. He is trained in a comprehensive range of cosmetic and plastic procedures. Having graduated in 1994 from Liverpool Medical School, he went on to undertake further training overseas in Canada and Sweden, as well as back in the UK, in the Oxford region.  He now trains other plastic surgeons in the West Midlands Regional Training Program.

As for experience, Demetrius throws himself into his work, reconstructing the faces and bodies of injured servicemen, who served in Afghanistan. Demetrius was a cosmetic surgeon in the armed forces, where given the nature of the situation, with so many people needing reconstructive surgery, he gained more experience in several years, than some surgeons gain in a lifetime. The Royal College of Surgeons were so interested in his experience they interviewed him.

Upon returning to the UK, he began working at hospitals in Hereford and Birmingham, where he continues to work today. He is an expert in many different types of procedures. Please have a look through his website to gain an understanding of the surgery he offers.

Demetrius Evriviades is a cosmetic surgeon who is dedicated to providing the best results in the safest possible way, but in addition to that he wants to help you achieve the look you want. When you book a consultation with him, he will be keen to ensure he shares your vision. He wants you to exceed your expectations and to do that he will listen to your goals and advise when required. Please get in touch for an informal discussion about how Demetrius Eviviriades can help you enhance your looks.