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The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has a reported on a survey that has revealed some unexpected results of breast augmentation surgery. It is widely known that women who have had this procedure, have enjoyed a significant boost to their self esteem, but additionally it has affected how satisfied they are with their sex lives. 61% reported they enjoyed sex more frequently following the surgery and 34% reported an increase in their sexual satisfaction. These very positive results indicate just how transforming breast augmentation surgery can be for women who feel self conscious about their breasts.

Why have breast augmentation surgery?

Essentially this procedure will alter the shape and size of one or both of your breasts. Perhaps your breasts have always been different sizes and you long for a more symmetrical look? Perhaps your breasts have changed shape or decreased in size due to pregnancy, weight loss or illness and you’d like to restore your former shape. The procedure can help with all of these scenarios and leave you with enhanced, entirely natural looking and larger breasts.

What does the procedure involve?

Demetrius offers two options. You can either choose to have implants placed in your breasts, or you can opt for a lipo-filling technique. This involves transferring fat from elsewhere on your body and moving it into your breasts. It’s a safe, permanent option which provides a very natural look and doesn’t affect your ability to breastfeed. It’s ideal for women who are looking to increase their breast size by one cup size.

In the case of implants incisions are made, the skin is lifted and the implant placed. The procedure takes approximately 1 and a half hours to complete. For fat transfer an injection is used to move the fat from a separate body area to your breasts.

Following breast augmentation using implants, you will be bruised and swollen initially after surgery and should allow for some recovery time. Once the scars fade, you’ll find your body shape has changed to become more flattering, more feminine and more aesthetically pleasing. You should experience a boost to your self esteem and body confidence. It’ll then be time to buy a new wardrobe to show off your new figure!

If you’d like find out more about what breast augmentation surgery involves and why Demetrius is your best choice of cosmetic surgeon, please get in touch. One of our professional team here in Birmingham will be able to book you a consultation.