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Your Initial Consultation

What should you expect? I believe strongly that someone seeking a consultation about plastic surgery should expect to:

  • Meet their surgeon for a relaxed, unhurried consultation.
  • Be asked about any relevant medical history and be given advice as to how to optimise your health prior to surgery, such as stopping certain medications.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss the treatment and be informed of potential risks or alternative treatments.
  • Receive advice on traditional and modern surgical techniques.
  • For many procedures you should receive an information brochure to take away to read in your own time.
  • In unusual or complicated cases, it should be possible to seek the opinion of another professional colleague.
  • Your dignity and privacy should be respected, with a chaperone present during intimate examinations.
  • Be given the opportunity to think about things before making the decision to undergo surgery.
  • Appropriate investigations will be arranged if necessary.
  • You should be given the opportunity to discuss your anaesthetic and be anaesthetised by a Consultant Anaesthetist.
  • You will be given advice on aftercare prior to your discharge from hospital.
  • Discuss your full medical history. Beware of a surgeon who doesn’t ask you details regarding your medical history, social and family lives.
  • Ask him or her about the qualifications they hold, how many procedures they have carried out, and how many patients needed revision surgery. Asking for ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of other patients who have had your chosen procedure will also give you information about the surgeon’s work.

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